BTL Multi-Wedged Poly-V Sheaves

BTL Multi-Wedged Poly-V Sheaves

Multi-Wedged Pulleys

Range of product: 


Inch size product (Apply to ANSI market)

NSPT supplies the whole series of Multi-Wedged Pulleys (J3-M20) from DP 20mm to710mm.The pulleys are available in standard straight and in taper lock bores.
Multi-Wedged Pulleys are made of GG25, GGG45,S45C or other materials requested by the customers.

The pulleys are machined by high precise CNC, dynamically balanced and black coated. They have the characteristics of high precision, steadiness and smooth transmission. They are suitable for all kinds of precise, high speed and heavy loaded transmission equipments. They can also be used on auto motors.
NSPT can provide specially designed Multi-Wedged Pulleys according to customers’ requests.

Standards Series Type SizeRange
ANSI J3 3J08S-3J80TB
J4 4J08S-4J124TB
J5 5J08S-5J124TB
J6 6J08S-6J124TB
J8 8J08S-8J160TB
J12 12J13S-12J160TB
J16 16J18S-16J160TB
J20 20J18S-20J160TB
L5 5K31TB-56160TB
L6 6L31TB-6L160TB
L8 8L30TB-8L250TB
L10 10L30TB-10250TB
L12 12L30TB-12L250TB
L16 16L33TB-16L250TB
L20 20L52TB-20L250TB
M6 6M71TB-6M250TB
M10 10M71TB-10M280TB
M16 16M71TB-16M280TB
M20 20M71TB-20M280TB