Range of product:

ANSI:(NL1.00D to NL4.00D)

DIN:(CL45x75D to CL340x425D;CL70x110DS to CL340x425DS;CL25x50DE to CL220x285DE;CL20x47DX to CL400x495DX)

Inch size product (Apply to ANSI market)

Metric size product (Apply to DIN market)

D NSPT-LOCKS is a heavier type than type B with a connecting capacity of 2 to 3 times over type B. It has the same dimensions as type B NSPT-LOCKS but is more economical than type B since it has more capacity.

The characteristics of D NSPT-LOCKS are the ease of self-installation and good concentricity. The guiding taper surface does not require special machining, and the central bore of the hub is in a straight line with the surface of the shaft. It reduces the production time and costs.

D NSPT-LOCKS have high installation precision and connecting capacity. The connecting function is provided by the friction and pressures between the lock, shaft and hub.There is no need for machining keys since it connects without slot ot key. This type of NSPT-LOCKS is commonly used in transmission with heavy duty connections and/or large torques.


Standards Series Type SizeRange
ANSI D NL1.00D to NL4.00D