ELATECH® Polyurethane belts Food Industries

ELATECH® Polyurethane belts Food Industries

For applications with direct food contact, where the higher standards in food compliance are required.

Food Compliance
ELATECH® Polyurethane Belts for Food industry comply with the requirements of materials intended for food contact: specific compliance declaration available on all the listed items. These belts are suitable to be used in contact with oil, fat and a large variety of foods.

ELATECH® Polyurethane Belts for Food industry is a new range of polyurethane timing belts, designed for applications where the food contact requires the highest hygiene standards.
Our new Food line is able to support different types of applications, ensuring the highest quality standards.

Polyurethane Belts for Food Industry

iBlue technology combines flat, homogeneous thermoplastic material, and the positive
drive feature of modular plastic belting. iBlue’s smooth, easy-to-clean surface reduces the risk of microbial
contamination and its tension members minimize belt stretch and improve belt stability.

iFood manufactured with special compounds, guarantee an excellent resistance to chemicals and corrosion, can be used in both wet and dry food contact.
The complete encapsulated cords make this product suitable for several applications such as processing, conveying and packaging.

Deboning belts are used in food industries to separate the meat from bones, sinews and skin. Used in poultry, pork, turkey and fish processing as well as to get pulp or juice in the vegetable/fruit processing.
The belt pushes the product towards a rotating, perforated drum. Meat is pressed through the perforation of the drum and the other residues are scraped off the outer drum shell. This process enables the retrieval of food parts otherwise lost.
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