Range of product:

ANSI:(NL0.34FA to NL7.1516FA)

DIN:(CL18x47FA1 to CL400x495FA1)

Inch size product (Apply to ANSI market)

Metric size product (Apply to DIN market)

FA NSPT-LOCKS is an extension series of type D locks. The bore diameters can be from 18mm to 400mm with the largest possible outside diameter of 495mm. This type of components has high installation suitability and is widely used general

mechanical joints nowadays.

By simply tightening the bolts, the inner and outer rings will move along the taper surface oppositely causing radial pressure and fractional force, which makes the hubs and the shaft join together.

There are two types of FA NSPT-LOCKS: FA1 and FA2. The only difference between the two is the flange diameter of the inner ring. For FA1 type, the flange diameter of inner ring is 6mm larger than the outer ring. For FA2 type, the flange diameters of both rings are same.

A fascinating point of FA NSPT-LOCKS is the simplicity. It is designed to suit for self-installation; and its requirements to the hub bore and shaft diameters are not very strict. This saves the time and the cost of machining process.

Standards Series Type SizeRange
ANSI FA NL0.34FA to NL7.1516FA
DIN FA1 CL18x47FA1 to CL400x495FA1