FB CAPT-Locks are composed of two inner and outer rings with taper surface and their corresponding

tightening bolts.They have simple structures,have easy on and easy off capabilities and have lower costs.

Under the pressure of tightening bolts,the inner and outer radial pressure and frictional force join the

hubs and shafts together.

FB CAPT-Locks are divided into two types:

FB1 and FB2.The only difference is in the flange diameter of the inner ring.As for the FB1 type,the flange

diameter of the inner ring is 6mm larger than the outer ring. For the FB2 type,the flange diameter of the

inner ring is the same as the outer ring.

The installation of the FB CAPT-Locks is very simple. They can be self installed and their concentricity is

very high.They machining process is very simple.They requirement to the hub’s bore diameter and shaft

diameter is not very strict so that the time for machining process and cost can be saved.

FB CAPT-Locks are the heavier series of the FA type.The scope of the bore diameter is from 19mm-220mm

and the largest outside diameter D can reach 285mm.They are suitable for installation and can be widely

used in mechanical joints and can transmit larger torque.

Product range:

Standards Series Type SizeRange
ANSI FB 20×47 to 100×145
DIN FB1 CL19x47FB1 to CL220x285FB1