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Inch size product (Apply to ANSI market)
Metric size product (Apply to DIN market)

Parameters Introduction:

HLL NSPT-LOCKS is the extended version of HL type with anti-shock feature. It can transfer larger torques

due to its longer length. This type of lock is also designed for connections between small or medium

diameter shafts and hubs with high concentricity, low production and operating costs and easy self-installation.

The shaft and the inner bore hub are both plain, which makes the machining process easy and economical.

The installation of HLL NSPT-LOCKS is as followed:

Twist the round nut on the inner hub with outer taper surface.Make the nut move axially to press the outer

ring with taper bore. The pressures and the frictional forces can then be formed, and the shaft and the hub

can be connected without keys or clearance.

HLL type NSPT-LOCKS can be installed with only one round nut. Simply twist the nut to tighten the shaft and

the hub, lock the round nut by relevant washer in order to prevent the lock from moving axially and to ensure

the torque transmitting efficiency and effectiveness.

Please notice that HLL NSPT-LOCKS can only be installed and used when the dimension B is larger than the

axial length of the inner bore of the hub.

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