METALDRIVE® disc couplings

METALDRIVE® disc couplings

METALDRIVE® disc couplings are fully made of steel and are used in all applications where high reliability, precision, and no maintenance are required. All the components of the METALDRIVE® couplings are completely machined (spacer excluded) and balanced in class DIN ISO 1940-1 Q 6,3.

  • Backlash free and torsionally rigid
  • Maintenance, lubrication and wear free
  • Operating temperature up to 300° C
  • Allow axial, angular, and radial misalignment (only with double disc pack)
  • Available in conformity to API 610 e API 671
  • Available with carbon shaft
  • Available on request certified couplings according to ATEX directive 2014/34/EU
METALDRIVE® couplings available executions

The coupling allows axial and angular misalignment. No radial misalignment is allowed.

Standard version with shrink disc.

Allows axial angular and radial misalignment..

Shaft is available in various lengths and can be delivered in welded aluminum or steel.

Available with carbon shaft.

Variable shaft lengths are available.

Double disc pack execution and anti-fail device. Standard spacer lengths for pump applications. This execution is available in conformity to API 610 e API 671.