Range of product:
Metric size product (Apply to DIN market)

Parameters Introduction:

ML /ML-B NSPT-LOCKS has the characteristics of structure simplicity, easy self-installation, high concentricity,

and good durability. It can be quickly assembled without any additional equipment and has wide range of

selection for various sizes.The smallest width can be only 10mm.

The installation of ML /ML-B NSPT-LOCKS is as followed:

Tighten the screw nuts to move the outer taper ring axially.External force will be formed on the connecting

surface between the shaft and the hub due to the frictional force on the taper surfaces between both inner

and outer rings. The connection is strong and safe in shaking situation as well because of the self-locking

feature and the strong frictional force between the parts.

Simply reverse the installation procedures for disassembling the ML/ML-B NSPT-LOCKS.

Product range:

Standards Series Type SizeRange
DIN ML-C CL15x38ML-C至CL75x100ML-C

DIN Catalog: