Compotec® Hoses Benefits

Composite hoses are the most efficient answer to fluids transportation needs in the chemical and petrochemical industry, as well as in the services and transport sector.

In fact, traditional materials (rubber or PVC hoses) cannot guarantee safety when exposed to aggressive substances, broad temperature ranges – including extreme heat – and sometimes challenging pressure conditions.

Compotec® hose is lightstronghighly flexibleanti-static and kink-proof.
Yet it’s extremely durable thanks to the tensioned internal and external steel wire spirals, which give great strength.

Compotec® offers the most extensive and varied composite hose range for an extremely wide range of applications. Precision engineered end fittings complete the range.

Boasting a temperature range of – 200°C (Cryotec hose), to + 200°C (Hitemp hose) and pressure ratings of 10, 15 and up to 40 bar for special types, COMPOTEC® hoses are lined with either Polypropylene or PTFE, giving the hose excellent resistance to solvents, chemicals, acids, resins, and petroleum based products.